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Wood-loand Expansion Inc.
Our Story
Wood-Land Expansion Inc.
Wood-Land Expansion is a California Corporation that was established in 1991, Prior to 1991 we were a sole proprietorship and for the most part worked in the logging industry for 30 years. We focus mainly on private land owners needs to harvest there timber. Around the late 1980’s and early 1990’s people were finding that they to wanted to live in the beautiful rural Sierra Nevada’s. At this time there became a need not only for timber harvesting but also road building, driveways, engineered pads, septic systems, brushing, underground electrical, solar and culvert installations.
Along with our many private property relationships we have also contracted with Michigan Cal Lumber Company, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Sierra Pacific Industries, Teichert Corporation, Yager Corporation, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Soil Conservation Service, Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Bentley Aerodynamics and many more.

As land owners opened up there property and harvested there timber they found it almost impossible to remove the trees on the steep ground. The timber that was removed by ground based equipment (tractors) left the harvested area in poor condition.
Wood-Land Expansion specializes on steep ground timber harvesting; on steep ground we use what is called Skyline logging.